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30T/Day Maize Grinding Line Delivered to Kenya

Project Address:Kenya

Accessory Products:Maize Grinding Line

Case introduction


Based on Kenya's local corn characteristics, we have developed a  corn processing package plan that meets local needs, and adjusted the screening and packaging solutions according to the finished product in order to reduce the impact of dust noise on the processing environment. We finally won recognition of customers and signed sales contract under thoughtful design and engineering services.    



On April 5th,with the help of quality inspection department, delivery department and multi-department of our company, the container was smoothly loaded and sent to Qingdao Port. When the ship arrives, it will be sent to the port of Mombasa, Kenya. It is believed that after the installation of the equipment, the local corn processing level will be greatly improved, and a huge profit will be created for the customers.141516

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