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2TPH Oat Processing Line in Guatemala

Project Address:Guatemala

Accessory Products:Oat Dehulling Line

Case introduction

In 2017, Guatemala, a country that did not establish diplomatic relations with China, was convinced by China Win Tone Machinery's technology and equipment in the field of grain processing. We signed a 2 ton per hour oats shelling and 1 ton per hour oat flake and flour production line

rolled oat processing

oat processing line

Lushan WinTone Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces engineering equipment for all kinds of primary, refined, and deep processed foods such as corn, grains, food, health care, biological fermentation, etc. The products are suitable for the production of various foods, alcohol, starch, and starch sugar. Enterprises can provide engineering design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales one-stop services according to customer needs.

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