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300T Corn Processing Project in Jilin

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In 2014, Lushan Win Tone Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Jilin Yuquan Industry to design and build a 300-ton corn processing complete equipment production line. The main processes of the project mainly include cleaning and grading of raw corn grain, germ extraction, corn grits and flour milling. The main products are divided into different grades of corn flour, corn grits, by-products, corn germs and corn husks.

This production line has advanced design concepts, high automation, and adopts advanced sensing and computer numerical control technology to accurately control product processing quality, laying a solid foundation for Yuquan factory outstanding achievements in the corn processing industry.

Lushan WinTone Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces engineering equipment for all kinds of primary, refined, and deep processed foods such as corn, grains, food, health care, biological fermentation, etc. The products are suitable for the production of various foods, alcohol, starch, and starch sugar. Enterprises can provide engineering design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales one-stop services according to customer needs.

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