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30TPD Quinoa Processing Line in Rui Chun

Project Address:Rui Chun

Accessory Products:Quinoa Peeling Machine

Case introduction

Based on the structural characteristics of quinoa, China Win Tone Machinery has developed quinoa peeling machine and quinoa polishing machine and applied it to the dry quinoa processing production line to improve the traditional washing and wet processing technology. This project has been used in Inner Mongolia, Bolivia and Peru.

The complete set of dry quinoa processing equipment can be divided into multiple processes such as raw grain cleaning, stone removal, hull removal, saponins removal, quinoa polishing, quinoa grading, and color selection.

The all-dry processing technology used is better than wet processing to maintain the quinoa flavor and reduce nutrient loss. In addition, China Win Tone Machinery has improved the equipment for the cleaning process of quinoa raw grain based on the characteristics of quinoa, and adopted selected equipment to select unsaturated grains to improve product quality.


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